Benefits of saltwater pools

Explore the benefits of saltwater pools.

The water is gentler and silkier to swim in. It leaves your skin just as soft and smooth as before you got in the pool. Saltwater above ground pools don’t leave you worrying if your hair is going to turn green or not. Even better is that you no longer have to worry about whether or not your swim suit will fade or start to decay.

Did I mention the cost savings? If not, understand that with a saltwater above ground pool you shouldn’t have to ever buy chlorine again. Now, that alone should make you want to buy one. That’s between $600 -$900 a year in chlorine savings.

Saltwater pools use regular table salt to create natural chlorine in your pool.

Discovery LX Saltwater Above Ground Pools

If you are thinking about getting a new saltwater above ground pool you should really get one of our resin above ground pools.

Why? Though saltwater above ground pool water is great for your skin, it can have a negative effect on traditional steel or metal component above ground pools. For this reason the resin above ground pool was made.

All of the components on resin above ground pools are made with 100% resin through and through. Two examples of this are the Discovery LX and the Mystic II pools. The walls on these pools still use a steel core wall but the coatings on the pool make it such that saltwater doesn’t affect them. If we could have the wall made entirely of resin we would but it is just not cost effective.

Due to the nature of resin components the pool will virtually go together without having to use any tools. Usually, the only tools needed to put the pool together would be the wrenches needed to bolt the pool wall ends together.

Saltwater above ground pools have a slight salt taste to them because they do use salt to activate the chlorine generator cell. So, what you end up with is a nice silky, smooth, gentle swim.

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